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If my butt hurts, is that pain from the back, hip, or SI joint?

During my training (residency and fellowships), learning how to tell apart low back pain (LBP) from butt pain, hip pain, or sacroiliac (SI) pain is […]

By |August 23rd, 2016|Back Pain, Joint, Leg Pain, Sacroiliac Joint|

Why Does My Doctor Ask Me to do Core Exercises?

A common topic of conversation in the office centers on “Are you doing your CORE exercises?” And the various excuses patients use to explain […]

By |June 20th, 2016|Back Pain, Joint|

SI Joint Pain and Fusion Surgery

Sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion surgery is a surgical procedure that improves stabilization and treats SI pain by fusing the spine and the pelvis, or iliac […]

By |September 8th, 2015|Back Pain, Fusion, Joint, Leg Pain, Sacroiliac Joint, Surgery|

About Sacro-Iliac Pain

The sacro-iliac joint is the part of the body responsible for transferring weight between the legs and the back and torso. Stress on this joint […]

By |April 30th, 2014|Back Pain, Joint, Sacroiliac Joint|

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Located where the spine and pelvis meet, the sacroiliac joint can produce pain in the back and legs due to a variety of factors, which […]

By |February 11th, 2014|Back Pain, Joint, Leg Pain, Sacroiliac Joint|