Sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion surgery is a surgical procedure that improves stabilization and treats SI pain by fusing the spine and the pelvis, or iliac bone, together. The SI joint transfers weight from the legs to the back, causing stress that is often double the body weight of a patient. In the past, the SI joint was believed to be a source of back and leg pain, but this idea later fell out of favor with the introduction of advanced imaging techniques; which found that the lumbar spine was oftentimes the primary cause of leg and lower back pain. As a result of this lack of understanding about its relationship to pain, the SI joint was largely ignored.

In recent times, however, the SI joint has gained more attention. It has been shown that this joint causes up to 25 percent of all lower back pain, and that almost half of all failed back surgeries are related to the SI joint. While there are numerous treatments for this problem, including anti-inflammatories, injections, and physical therapy, SI joint fusion surgery is becoming a more popular treatment option, with more than 25,000 patients having been treated so far.

Doctor Paul Saiz
Orthopedic Spine Surgeon
Las Cruces, New Mexico